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23 May 2024

How to Apply Eyeshadow Correctly? – Explanation

Apply Eyeshadow Correctly – Explanation

Apply Eyeshadow correctly is knowing how to apply makeup is essential for any woman, and eye makeup is fundamental. Gives a clean and sophisticated touch to the face. At Cosmetics Beauty, we teach you how to apply eye shadow to look radiant and achieve the look you are looking for.

 How to Apply Eyeshadow Correctly : Makeup Step By Step?

The eyes are fundamental if you want your makeup to look finished and intense. For you to achieve the perfect look, you must follow our makeup step by step so that it looks professional.

The first thing you must determine to know how to apply your eye shadow is the style you want. So think first about your eyeshadow palettes and what eyeshadow colours you need. Similarly, pay attention to the colour of your eyes, since there are brown eye makeup and green eye makeup, so some are more favourable than others for your features.

On the other hand, remember the event for which you do your makeup. For example, night makeup is not the same as simple makeup for the day. Also, consider whether you will apply false lashes or glitter, as this influences how you use the eyeshadow.

How to apply eyeshadow ➞ Step: Skin preparation

Before applying any makeup, it is crucial to condition the skin. The eyes are one of the most delicate areas and require much care. Before applying eye makeup, wash your skin with soap and water or micellar water.

Then apply a moisturizing cream on the face, around the eyes, and finally apply primer on the mobile eyelid. This will help a professional and longer-lasting makeup.

How to apply eyeshadow ➞ Step: Choosing shades

Once you’ve selected your eye makeup look and prepped your skin, choose three eyeshadow colours that are in a similar range and match each other. Choose a light colour for the base, a dark one for depth, and a slightly more golden transition colour. Also, an illuminating shadow can be helpful.

How to apply eyeshadow ➞ Step: Foundation application

When you have prepared the eyelid, the first colour of eyeshadow that you should use is the lightest or your base. Beige tones are a very successful colour. From the inside out, all over the mobile eyelid, blending well with medium makeup brushes. This tone is the one that will define the final effect of the look, so take your time.

How to apply eyeshadow ➞ Step: Applying the darker shade

Once the base is used, it is time to apply the darkest shade of shadow that you have chosen to give depth to your look. Take a medium brush from your makeup case and use the shadow between the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid, all around the outer corner of the eye, inwards, and upwards.

How to Apply Eyeshadow ➞ Step: Applying the midtown

Take the intermediate shade from your eyeshadow palette and use it from the centre of the eyelid. Blend it with the darker shade to look like a gradient effect. You can choose a light shimmer eyeshadow for this color and apply it with a medium brush.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply to Eyeshadow ➞ Step: Highlighter

Once all the eyeshadow colors have been applied, apply the highlighter to the inner corner of the brow, just a few small touches, and the inner corner of the brow to better define the arch.

The Eyeshadow ➞ Step: Final Details

Depending on your eye makeup, you may need some gel eyeliner, or with an eye pencil, you can better define the contours and give your makeup a more sophisticated touch.

The last phase of makeup that you cannot miss is mascara, to give your look more intensity and volume to your eyelashes. However, remember that you must apply it from the inside out, eliminating the excesses beforehand. Another accessory that you can use is false eyelashes to make your look more attractive.

 Tricks for Eye Makeup

If you have already decided to choose an eyeshadow to highlight your makeup, take note of the following tricks:

  • Always use clean brushes when going from one color to another.
  • Blur the shadow with light touches.
  • Remember that the shadow is more accentuated where you start applying it.
  • Take into account your eye, skin, and hair color to choose the shades.
  • The most pigmented shadows are loose, but they are more challenging to apply than the compact ones.

Use a flat, stiff brush for the base shadow, a soft, rounded brush for the crease and depth, and a soft brush to blend the shadows. If you have small eyes, use bright colors to give a feeling of wide eyes.

If you are looking for makeup tips at Cosmetics Beauty, we offer you all the information you need to learn how to apply makeup like a professional.

We are at your disposal, non-only to guide you in makeup tricks but also so that you can buy the highest quality and most varied products with us and at the best prices.


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