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21 Jun 2024

Braun Series 8, review and price.

Braun Series 8 – The Braun Series 8 is one of the latest ranges of men’s electric shavers from Braun.

Although its announcement has gone almost unnoticed and dates back to 2019, it a product line with its own differentiated philosophy that has quickly carved a niche for itself in the hearts of customers.

When it comes to men’s electric shavers, it’s only natural that all the attention of curious and potential customers has focused on the blades, and the initial feeling was one of great surprise.

The reason was that the Braun 8-series seemed to have borrowed design elements from the old-fashioned 5-series and the even newer 9-series, and indeed the truth is not that far off.

Although there may be certain structural similarities, it is in daily use where the music changes decisively and ends up making the Braun 8 series one of the most popular due to the improvements introduced both in each of the models and in the series itself. shaving experience.


The most striking are the 3 blades: two external ones to shave short hairs close to the face thanks to the exclusive OptiFoils function, and a trimmer located in the center to shave longer and shaggier hairs.

Although the blades may look similar to the 5 and 7 series, the center trimmer actually has a small addition called the 83M that provides greater accuracy and precision.

Battery life is definitely one of the features to consider when considering a future purchase, the Series 8 battery has better capacity than its predecessors and provides up to 60 minutes of continuous shaving.

Fundamentally, the presence of a sensor that determines the density of the bar and, therefore, regulates the power depending on the area in which it is worked, this function only available in the most recent lines.

Another really interesting feature is related to the shaving head which, as Braun itself guarantees, in the 8 series it guarantees extreme mobility, even touching all 8 directions.

Technology and functions.

From a structural and constructive point of view, it can said that the Braun 8 series is a concentrate of technology that takes the best qualities of the previous series and perfectly combines them with those expressed by the Baun 9 series to create something totally new.

How this technology directly affects individual components is something you can see for yourself just by trying out its myriad features.

And there would be no functionality without technology that enhances it and without those features that we have listed above and that directly contribute to the operation of the product itself.

An example of how technology put at the service of the different functions is, for example, the engine.


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