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21 Jun 2024

Face Rollers: A Game Changer in Skincare?

Face Rollers: A Game Changer in Skincare? – You’ve possibly seen a lot of videos on Instagram and Tik Tok of people using face massagers and face rollers to take care of their skin. Luckily, that’s what we’re talking about here!

Why are facial rollers taking their place in everyday skincare routines

If you’ve been following a series of skincare routine tutorials from celebrities, dermatologists, and beauty bloggers, chances are you’ve come across this low-tech yet impactful tool: the facial roller.

The crystal and jade roller is not only a relaxing facial massage but also an easy addition to your daily routine to reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and drain lymph nodes.

History of Face Rollers

The background to facial rollers is that Jade Roller dates back to the 17th century when wealthy people used them to keep their skin beautiful and ageless. The Egyptians and Mayans also used them to help relax muscles. Facial rollers are becoming popular again to aid people in their skincare process.

Face Roller Benefits

“Yes, you can rub a stone on your face, but does it help?” Introducing the benefits of using a facial roller!

Reducing Puffiness

Lying for extended periods (such as sleeping) can cause fluid to build up on your face. It can make your face look swollen and puffy when you wake up. Usually, the liquid will come out unless the duct is blocked. Using a roller will help expel moisture from your face.

Improving Circulation

Using a face roller will dilate your blood vessels and increase blood flow to your face. It is why a person can look rosy after using a facial massager.

Potential For Improved Product Penetration

Animal studies have shown that active ingredients absorb into the skin after massaging. Also, don’t forget that there is more to skin massage than just skin massage to aid product absorption!

What type of Stone Should I use?

Now that you know the benefits, you can use several different types of rollers. So how do you decide which one is best for you?

Jade – Face Rollers

Jade rollers are known for their healing properties, and their history dates back to ancient times. It’s effective for swelling, but it’s also beneficial for skin circulation.

Rose Quartz – Face Rollers

Rose quartz tends to stay cooler than jade because it absorbs less heat from the skin. Also, remember that rose quartz is a more burdensome stone than jade.

Amethyst or Obsidian – Face Rollers

Both stones are believed to have anti-inflammatory effects on the face.

Take Note

The facial roller helps your daily skincare routine by removing sagging skin and brightening it. However, do not use the facial roller if you have active acne or eczema. It can make them worse and spread bacteria around your face. Adding a facial roller to your routine can be beneficial if you have time to use it. There is no evidence to show that adding it has any adverse effects!

Be Picky

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