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21 Jun 2024
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KeySmart Pro, review and price.

KeySmart Pro – Critical Smart Pro is a compact keychain with LED light and intelligent technology. Read the full review with features and price.

 What is?

Key Smart Pro is a gadget designed by an American engineer who, tired of his bulky and noisy set of keys, decided to study an innovative, ultralight and technological tool that could hold your keys safely and comfortably.

Therefore, if you are looking for an intelligent solution to organize your keys, Key Smart Pro may be the solution since it is a very compact key organizer pack with features. One of the main ones is that you can synchronize it with an app (available for Android and IOS) to your smartphone to locate your keys quickly, but it has many other features that we will review below.

Today we have many keys, for work, for the car, for the house, and that is why this smart key fob allows us to organize them in the best possible way, also eliminating the risk of losing them and avoiding carrying a noisy and cumbersome set of keys.

It looks like a Swiss army blade, but thanks to its innovation and technology, it satisfies your needs, eliminating the classic set of keys.

What is it for?

As mentioned above, the Key Smart Pro has many features that make it a smart and helpful device for everyday tasks.

As we will see in this appraisal, it is not only a key organizer but can also act as a small flashlight thanks to the integrated LED light and a tiny hook that doubles as a bottle opener.

You can also buy several accessories separately to personalize it, such as a mini USB stick or other handy accessories to keep everything close at hand.

Its paramount convenience is to organize your keys in an orderly and practical way, but, as we have already said, it also has a handy LED light. So you are never left in the dark. Then, thanks to the Tile app, you can easily connect it to your smartphone to constantly monitor its position, the battery, and all the functions of your keychain.

The bottle opener may be handy, but it’s not its main feature.

How to use KeySmart Pro?

Key Smart Pro is straightforward to use; the package includes the key ring, a short micro USB cable for charging, and the instruction manual, which is very easy to consult thanks to the many images and descriptions that guide you in its use.

At the Key, Smart Pro’s two large stainless steel screws must be unscrew to insert the different keys.

You can use a small coin to help you do this, and then you can start inserting the keys.

This operation is also quite simple; once the two screws are unscrew, you will find some small disks that separate the keys, you can insert a total of ten keys, five on each side, but you can buy a separate kit that increases the slots available.

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