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15 Jul 2024

What to choose for perfect smoothness

Perfect smoothness – If your goal is to achieve ideal straightening, the most suitable solution is the Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100, the steam iron.

This technology is perfect for removing all traces of curly hair and ensures shiny hair simultaneously.

In addition, the smoothing effect that this iron provides lasts a long time, even overcoming the weather and humidity.

The water fill reservoir allows for approximately 100 strokes, and the temperature can be adjusted to three different levels, allowing the user to customize the product.

Finally, we would like to feature that this model, despite its advanced technology, is characterized by a good quality/price ratio.

Which one to choose for delicate hair?

In general, all the products of the Imetec dehydrated periodic Bellissima line distinguished by their gentle hair treatment.

However, if we have to indicate the reference model for those with particularly delicate hair, we cannot fail to mention Imetec Bellissima Revolution BHS1 100.

This straightener combines ease of use with an extremely high range of available temperatures (between 120 and 210 degrees), making it suitable for treating all hair types, even the most fragile.

This flat iron will satisfy you whether you prefer a straight or wavy hairstyle.

The price is higher than the average Imetec Bellissima product, but the results are worth every penny.

If, meanwhile, you choose to save a little money, the Imetec Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves GT20 400 could also be a product to consider.

However, be careful: this straightener only allows for wavy hairstyles.

What to choose for dry hair? – perfect smoothness

Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100 steam technology can be perfect for treating dehydrated hair.

This relaxer manages to straighten even the most difficult to treat hair, but it also strengthens the hair through steam, moisturizing it and protecting it from dryness.

The three available temperatures allow you to manage them according to your needs, and the effect of softness and shine will last on your hair for a good period.

The quality/price share is good, and this product can be the first choice for those with dehydrated hair.

The Imetec Bellissima B9 300 can also be an excellent purchase to combat this problem: suitable for all hair types, this straightener has a high-speed heating system, distributes heat evenly without risk of damaging the hair, and has five different selectable temperatures.

Which one to choose for long hair?

When it comes to the models suitable for long hair, you will spoil for choice: the Imetec Bellissima My Pro Steam B28 100 with steam technology deserves mention, but even if you prefer a hair straightener with traditional technology, you will have plenty of options to choose from. To choose.

Imetec Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves GT20 400 could be for you, but only if you want to achieve a wavy or wavy hairstyle.

The quality of Imetec Bellissima Revolution BHS1 100 effectively adapts to practically any hair. Still, Imetec Bellissima B9 300 is also a good alternative thanks to its fast heating, good range of selectable temperatures, and excellent quality/price ratio.


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