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21 Jun 2024

Anti-Pollution Cosmetics. Pre-Probiotics.-Skin’s Defensive – Introducing

Skin Defensive – Introducing

Skin Defensive is a anti-Pollution Cosmetics. Pre-Probiotics-Skin’s Defensive-Why is the skin flora or microbiota weakened or unbalanced? Cutaneous and cosmetic microbiota. A real revolution.

Discover everything that anti-pollution cosmetics with probiotics and prebiotics can do for your skin.

A new generation of cosmetics is born from the discovery of the skin microbiota and its function. A new future opens.

Before we begin, we will explain what the skin microbiota or flora is. It is made up of bacteria that are naturally present in our body.


The skin is covered by microorganisms that coexist in perfect symbiosis with its cells. This set of microorganisms is what is known as the skin microbiota.

What Happens If the Skin’s Defensive Barrier Is Weakened by Pollution?

Pathogens will settle more easily, producing inflammation and infection in the short term and, in the long term, aging. If the microbiota is unbalanced, even if we restore the skin barrier, the symptoms of dehydration and sensitivity will reappear and will even tend to worsen.

Its balance is essential for the correct health of the skin and defines against external aggressions such as pollution, the sun, the environment and the fast pace of the city can alter the skin microbiota, unbalancing it.

A powerful combination of prebiotic, probiotic and anti-pollution active ingredients work in synergy to achieve healthy, protected and resistant skin to face life in the city every day. We live in increasingly polluted environments that cause skin problems and accelerate premature skin aging.

There are both internal and external factors that can alter the bacterial balance of the skin. Among the internal ones, the most frequent is atopic dermatitis, and of the external ones, excessive cleaning, which sweeps away or weakens that normal and protective flora.

For this reason, at Cosmetics Beauty we have decided to create this article about this new cosmetic that has revolutionized the whole world, this new line of Aynho ​​Cosmetics is receiving all the praise. However, there are many who do not know how anti-pollution cosmetics work. Keep reading and encourage to clear your doubts about the with this article.

Why Is the Skin Flora or Microbiota Weakened or Unbalanced?-Skin’s Defensive

Incorrect care, disinfectants, stress, UV exposure, environmental pollution and certain genetic predispositions can alter the balance of the skin’s microbiota

As A Consequence of An Unbalanced Microbiota, The Skin Suffers A Series of Alterations:

  • The skin surface becomes dirty and the pores become clogged, causing impurities.
  • Dehydration and dryness in the faithful.
  • Fatigued skin with a lack of oxygen.
  • Appearance of blemishes and less uniform skin with a lack of luminosity.
  • Promotes premature skin aging and thus the appearance of wrinkles and lack of firmness.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and fulfils a double function of physical and immunological barrier that protects it from the outside.

For this reason, powerful anti-pollution active ingredients and active ingredients with prebiotic and probiotic action introduced into cosmetics.

The Objective of These Skin Active Ingredients Are:-Skin’s Defensive

Strengthen the barrier function of the skin, so which leads to greater protection against the outside.

Defend, acting as a protective shield against contaminating agents.

Balance, helping to maintain a skin microbiota in perfect balance.

And What Are Prebiotic and Active Ingredients?

Prebiotic: active ingredient that selectively favors the development of beneficial bacterial microflora that naturally protects the skin.

They substances that act as superfoods, favoring the growth of beneficial microorganisms that found naturally on the skin, thus reducing the possibility of proliferation of harmful or pathogenic bacteria.

Probiotic: active from a bacterium in its inactive form with beneficial effects on the skin.

They are living microorganisms that, when supplied in adequate amounts, promote the benefits of the organism’s health.

In short, a benefit for our skin.

The Biome Care Line

The cosmetic firm Anyhow ​​has among its products the Biome Care anti- pollution cosmetic line. A line made from anti-pollution, prebiotic and also probiotic active ingredients.

Benefits of the Biome Care line by Anyhow ​​Cosmetics:

It fevers the balance of the skin microbiota and also reinforces the skin’s natural self-defenses mechanisms more Protected and Health their skin.

Minimizes the adverse effects of pollution and also external aggressions: bock against outdoor & indoor pollution.

Activates cellular detoxification processes to rid the skin of toxins exotics. Improves the characteristic sallow appearance of “dirty” skins, and in general, the condition of the skin. more purified and vital skin.

No matter your skin type, there are several options on the market design for any type and also which you can buy in our online store Cosmetics Beauty. The time has come to contact us. We hope you have cleared up your doubts about what anti-pollution cosmetics are for and also how to protect your skin with the right treatment.

Do not forget that at Cosmetics Beauty we will be happy to assist you.

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