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21 Jun 2024

The Parachute Pants are the New Fashion Essential to Adopt as soon as Possible

The Parachute Pants are the New Fashion Essential to Adopt as soon as Possible – Since confinement, loose pants have swept away the love thought to be unconditional for skinny jeans. After the comeback of jogging and cargo, another “it-pants” invites itself into our wardrobe: the parachute pants.

It is no news for anyone: fashion is made of cycles. This is all the actual extra today at a time when we can easily “dig” into the past thanks to the internet and immediately share our findings.

Right now, the parachute pants revival has all fashion fans buzzing on the TikTok app. Popularized by members of the breakdance and hip-hop scene of the 80s, they are now winning the hearts of millennials who vote them the trendiest pants of summer 2022.

A Retro Piece Brought up to Date

You probably remember the harem pants worn by MC Hammer in the clip  U Can’t Touch This. Or the dancers wore the wide pants in the clip Mo Money Mo Problems by The Notorious BIG. In the 80s and 90s, hip-hop pop culture democratized these bulky fabric pants resembling parachutes, the primary function of which was to make the dancers’ movements.

It is true that we liked all oversized clothing at this time. Subsequently, from the 80s until recently, we said goodbye to loose clothes to team up with tight clothes because they were more flattering for the silhouette. But in the Covid and post-containment era, we rediscover loose clothing because of its comfort.

Notice to those who are not yet familiar: you can recognize the  “parachute pants” by their relaxed look, their drawstring, and their smooth material.

It is often compared to the pants worn by hikers, and guess what? It is its strength at a time when designers are more than ever inspired by outerwear fashion.

In short. You will have understood it; the good old parachute pants fit in the era of time. But in all this, we need a few tips for the twister with the 2022 trend sauce.

The parachute pants, the baggy version 2022

Models Bella Hadid and Paloma Elsesser are already fans and wear it at each off-duty appearance For them. The best way to show it off is to combine the parachute pants with a crop top and a pair of white sneakers.

We take it in its best version. That is to say, declined in neutral colors and easy to match: in black, navy blue, khaki, or white.

It is possible to reinforce the gorpcore look of the parachute pants by combining them with cycling glasses and sports sneakers. It is the most straightforward combination to achieve.

Contrary to popular belief, these pants give us more girly options than it seems. Like Safia alias @blackmaroccan, you can wear your parachute pants with a button-down shirt. A shoulder bag, and colorful heeled sandals.

Regardless of the desired result. We are delighted with the return of these pants, which are comfortable and adapt to all seasons.

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