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21 Jun 2024
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Step by Step to Have Smooth and Radiant Skin

Radiant Skin – Smooth and luminous skin is a sign of youth. Over time, our skin becomes dull due to an inadequate beauty routine, diet, lack of sleep, alcohol, tobacco, hydration, impurities, and dead cells. It loses that natural shine and smoothness that we possess.

These are the first signs that our skin lacks vitality; we will include peeling in certain areas and a tired and aged appearance.


The key to smooth skin is to recharge with vitamins—the lack of these shows dull, ftiredskin with a lack of vitality. “Get your natural light back.”

The skin’s vitamins protect, hydrate, regenerate and prevent aging, leaving radiant and alive skin.

As our skin ages, we stop producing collagen naturally. Due to which the skin becomes less elastic and tends to “sag.” Vitamin-rich antioxidant creams prevent sagging skin.

To recover this shine and smoothness. You must start to have (if you don’t already have them) some daily beauty routines incorporated into other habits. Which we will be commenting on throughout the post. They will help you to achieve much younger and brighter skin.

The first thing to achieve these effects on our skin is to produce them from the inside out; that is, incorporating into our diet the use of foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, among others, and the use of the appropriate cosmetics:

Containing Vitamin C: Keenwell Oxidance Cream, Agave Elastin Cream.

They have Vitamin E: Ginkgo Biloba from Yiubell, Aloe Cream, and Aloe Serum from S&S Laboratories.

That provides vitality: Keenwell Royal Jelly Cream and Royal Jelly Serum


A basic rule is an excellent daily cleaning using good cleansing milk by applying it to dry skin and massaging it with circular movements to remove traces of makeup or dirt from the skin. If you use a cleansing gel, apply it to wet skin. Once massaged, remove it with a damp towel or warm water.

Avoid cleansing, or makeup remover wipes as these do not clean but move the dirt on our skin. You should do this step twice a day, morning and night.

Step by Step

Use a tonic or water (such as rose water, rosemary (antioxidant effect), Agave lavender, or similar); wetting a cotton pad and applying it with small touches. Or spraying it on the face. You should also do this step twice a day, morning and night.

Follow with the use of a serum or oil (if you have dry skin) on the neckline and face with upward movements.

Apply the eye contour with small touches. Clicking with the fingertips; if you have a bag, do a small massage from the outside to help us drain and massage if you have the wrinkles known as crow’s feet.

Apply moisturizing cream that suits our skin from the neckline to the front in an ascending direction and from the center of the face to the ends with circular movements and sunscreen for the day.

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