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15 Jul 2024

What is English Cursive Writing?

What is English Cursive Writing? – The English writing is in western style cursive. A characteristic of cursive writing is that continuous strokes connect the letters of each word. Develop around the 12th century, old English fonts were written in disjoint characters. Cursive was introduced in England in the 16th century as a time-saving way of writing handwritten documents, and by the 18th century, English cursive was widely adopted in Europe and America.

Fonts used in English contain additional pen strokes called serifs at the beginning and end of written words. Serifs can also embellish certain features of a letter. For example, uppercase letters in Old English writings are often surrounded by thick serifs and elaborate decorations that create a pleasing aesthetic. Another distinguishing feature of English writing is the variable width of the strokes that make up letters and words. It is the effect cause by early types of ink pens.

Why do you Need Cursive?

In today’s modern world, very few people still write with pencil and paper, let alone Cursive. However, researchers believe Cursive is essential for cognitive development and sensorimotor areas of the brain. There is a big difference between But with the abundance of smartphones, laptops, and tablets for reading and writing text, is cursive still important or an outdated learning tool?

Many school districts no longer teach cursive. “Using a keyboard rather than cursive writing is more likely to help students succeed in their careers and schools,” says a University of Southern California professor. In addition, few states have Cursive in their curricula. So, what advantages do cursive writing skills have if a computer can use for the same task? Science states cognitive and visual benefits for children were learning cursive.

Cursive Handwriting And The Brain – English Cursive Writing

Forming letters with a pen or pencil is cognitively different from pressing physical or virtual keys on a keyboard. When learning, hand-forming letters creates a link between hand movement and the visual response of looking at the notes on the page. There are multiple processes coexisting at the same time. So, hand movements, letter thoughts, optical letter signals. It is reading and writing, at the same time, a necessary skills.

Children must go through this process to fully understand English and connect words with motor memory. Learning how to write cursive is essential for your spelling skills. It will help your child recognize the words later when they read them. However, writing does not have the same impact on the brain because it does not require the same fine motorized skills and simultaneous activity.

Cursive Makes Children Smarter – English Cursive Writing

Cursive writing can make children more intelligent, according to Dr. William Klemm, a “memory doctor.” Handwriting exercises help train your brain to integrate multiple forms of information simultaneously, including visual and tactile input while applying fine motor skills. Dr. Clem suggests that cursive writing can benefit the brain like learning to play an instrument does.

Everyone needs to learn how to write in today’s world, but Cursive has its benefits. Although it can be challenging to understand, it teaches organizational skills and helps children organize their thoughts and ideas. In addition, it may be part of a treatment plan to help with eye coordination, memory, vision-related problems, and other brain activities. Practicing is integral to a curriculum that improves a child’s cognitive and visual abilities.

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