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21 Jun 2024

The Rage of the “Slippers” for This Summer

The Rage of the “Slippers” for This Summer – I must confess that summer slippers were not my favorite, but now they have become my best friends. These comfortable shoes, similar to grandparents’ slippers, are comfortable and, at the same time, add a unique style to outfits.

Fashion never forgets the classics, it only renews them, and this is the case with these sneakers. Justin and Hailey Bieber, Brian Larson, Camila Cabello, Olivia Palermo, and other celebrities are addicted to this laid-back street style trend.

Come with me to see how slippers left home comfort and took center stage on the most avant-garde catwalks.

Summer Slippers Triumph in Street Style

Summer is the most expected time of the year. Finally, the holidays are the perfect time to have fun and wear our best summer outfits.

This 2022 neon colors take over clothing, and summer slippers are the footwear hit. These flat slippers, usually covered in velvet, are the ideal combination of comfort and fashion.

The First Slippers

The slippers are the oldest footwear; historical records indicate their first appearance was in the mid-nineteenth century.

Members of British royalty used them to be at home. That is, they represented what you know today as slippers. The difference is that, for the time, they had a much more sober and elegant cut.

They were characterized by being made of velvet and with a leather sole. Besides, they wore golden embroidery with the symbol of the family shield. Currently, many major brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo simulate the customs of the aristocracy by printing their logo on the upper part of the shoes.

Scalpers were one of the first firms that opted for this type of footwear, offering classic and conservative designs. However, little by little, the trend was climbing, and today it is the most demanded footwear of the moment.

How to Wear Summer Slippers?

I’m not going to deny that, at first, they were a bit overwhelming, especially when I saw them with feathers and inlays; however, I began to notice that these shoes can be pretty versatile. It’s all a matter of expressing how to combine them.

Summer slippers are a mixture of moccasins and ballerinas, which are difficult to differentiate on many occasions. They are usually flat and open, either at the heel or at the toe.

Here are some ways to look great in these comfortable and fashionable shoes:

  • Arm your office look with unicolor capri pants, a white long-sleeved shirt, and your naif-style slippers. Add a matching belt and bag. I promise you that you resolve not to go unnoticed.
  • Opt for a basic printed t-shirt, denim shorts, and your summer slippers with a sporty style for a casual outfit. Complement with an oversize blazer to highlight the company.
  • Wear a print ensemble of a blouse and palazzo pants if you have a formal date. It will look fabulous with pointed ballerina slippers.

The Most Recognized Brands

Summer slippers have invaded online shopping. Today I want to show you the unique brands:

Gallo 1927

Bubblegum pink and mint green slippers are part of the Gallo catalog. A brand born in Italy that offers socks, accessories, and footwear forged with 100% ecological yarns. They have socks, clothes, and four lanes for men, women, and children.

Pretty Ballerinas – Rage of the “Slippers

This brand is an expert in women’s footwear. Loafers and slippers are their flagship models. In their latest collection, they present a floral garden printed on different materials to play with the texture of the footwear. The design of her Mary Janes covered in maroon velvet is one of my favorites.

Chantelle’s Slippers – Rage of the “Slippers

Chantelle’s Slippers have the most original embroideries for summer slippers. The Parisian footwear firm has Europe’s most extensive and varied catalog. The best object is that you can adapt any model to your liking. Tassels, animal print, fur, feathers, and initials are some of the accessories they offer to customize your slippers.

Live in Venice – Rage of the “Slippers

It is an Italian firm of handmade footwear that uses velvet and other high-quality textiles to manufacture its footwear. Their models are flat with a neat finish. In addition, they offer a variety of colors and prints to combine with fun outfits this summer.

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