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23 May 2024

2 Minor Breaking Bad Characters Help Solve Better Call Saul’s Prime Question

2 Minor Breaking Bad Characters Help Solve Better Call Saul’s Prime Question – The closer Better Call Saul ends, the more we have to look for connections between its world and its real-life predecessor, Breaking Bad (although it’s technically both a prologue and an epilogue). From Saul Goodman’s (Bob Odenkirk) Cadillac DeVille recovery from the early season of Breaking Bad to Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman’s (Aaron Paul) Better Call Saul Up until its debut on Breaking Bad, Season 6 of Better Call Saul is the Easter egg hunt that fans of both shows have been waiting for. And in his penultimate episode of the series, “Waterworks,” his two oft-forgotten Breaking Bads characters (along with Jesse) return to Better Call his Saul’s greatest mystery. Help solve one.

In essence, audiences often don’t know the fate of certain characters, so the prequel can struggle to maintain suspense. Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and Better Call Saul’s standout Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) in Season 6’s “Point and Shoot” showdown was intense, but the stakes weren’t as high as Gus died in Breaking Bad. One of the great ways that show co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have hooked even the savviest of Breaking Bad fans is the central figure in Soul’s life. It’s about making us fall in love with Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn). We’ve all been scratching our heads as to why we don’t see her in Breaking Bad, and thankfully we now have an answer as to his whereabouts throughout Breaking Bad. It is thanks to two of his perhaps forgotten characters: Christian “Combo” Ortega (Rodney Rush) too Emilio Koyama (John Koyama).

What happened to Emilio in Breaking Bad?

Emilio’s fate in Breach Bad kept Walter White (and alive) in the meth business, but it also confirmed Kim’s life in Breaking Bad. A trading partner, Emilio, sees Jesse escape unnoticed and arrests them in the same DEA raid that Walter is on board. After Walt and Jesse bonded, Walt used his knowledge of chemistry to concoct a batch of meth, and when Jesse brought a sample, Emilio’s cousin Domingo “Crazy-8” Molina (Maximino) Arciniega) impressed. When Crazy-8, Jesse, and Emilio, who have received bail, drive to visit a half-naked Walt meth in the desert, Emilio recognizes him from the raid and tells him that he and Jesse have taken him for his DEA raid. I believe you are ready.

To save himself after being killed by his enraged cousins, Walt offers to share his recipe in the trailer. Unknown to Emilio and Crazy-8, Walt wasn’t teaching them how to make methamphetamine but gathering the appropriate chemicals needed to produce the deadly gas that forms after the explosive reaction. Among them. The first episode of Breaking Bad to see Emilio is the last to see him alive until the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul.

2 Minor Breaking Bad Characters Help Solve Better Call Saul's (1)

At Waterworks, a depressed Kim leaves Saul’s law firm, made famous by Breaking Bad, after casually signing the divorce papers that a fraud lawyer sadly presented him with. The first customer Saul saw when he left the store was Emilio himself. When the two pass each other on the doorstep of Saul’s office. It was first confirmed that Kim Wexler was there just before the Breaking Bad event began. However, the fact becomes apparent after a while.

Who is Combo in Breaking Bad? – 2 Minor Breaking Bad Characters

In Breaking Bad. Combo is an old friend of Jesse’s and briefly helps Walt sell meth before he is shot and killed by a rival gang in Season 2. Combo’s death is mainly irrelevant to Kim’s timeline. Yet, after Emilio walks in, his ill-fated life becomes essential when Jesse leaves Walt’s office and runs into Kim, acknowledging her job protecting the combo. Supposedly. When Kim went pro bono for Better Call Saul to reconnect with her altruistic reasons for becoming a lawyer. She was a little convo who had just profanely stolen a baby Jesus figurine.

So not only was Kim present just before Breaking Bad started. But Jesse, who convinced Walt to let Saul be his lawyer, was the first to hear from her. Combo’s life also confirms that she helped support the man who sold Jesse the exact RV that started Walt’s metal cooking business that got the show off the ground.

Unless things change in the series finale. Kim contacts Emilio just before moving to Florida to ensure he doesn’t physically make it into the Breaking Bad timeline. He says the RV is still in perpetuity. Make a lasting impression.

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