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21 Jun 2024

July 29: World Lipstick Day

July 29: World Lipstick Day – Today there is a “world day” for almost everything. Some of these dates are extremely important and have a necessary social background, and others, although banaler, are not without their repercussions, above all because of how striking they are; World Burger Day, Tapa Day, Emoji Day, Elevator Day, and even Lost Socks Day are just a few examples of the thousands of “official” days celebrated throughout the year.

But, of all of them, if there is one that every lover of beauty and makeup likes, it is the one celebrated today, July 29: World Lipstick Day.To become essential in any self-respecting makeup routine, lipstick is undoubtedly one of the most important beauty products as they have the power to transform the face with a simple gesture, turning the mouth into the center of attention in fashion. More sophisticated and sensual in addition to achieving an immediate good face effect and even cheering you up! An essential must-have that is either in nude tones to enhance the natural color of the lip, red for a super feminine finish, or dark and striking colors for the most daring; it is undoubtedly the final touch for many of us.

To celebrate this day, nothing better than taking out your favorite lipstick and painting your lips and, of course, paying tribute to this great little ally of beauty by adding a new color to your collection like the ones we show you below.

National Lipstick Day | July 29

National His Lipstick Day on July 29 encourages people to wear their best colors. Unfortunately, for some, lipstick is the only makeup requirement. Sheer and light, dark or bright, July 29 requires all kinds of lipsticks.

National Lipstick Day – World Lipstick Day

For centuries, controversy has surrounded lipstick. The British Parliament banned marriage in 1770, stating that it was a sinister attempt to trick men into marriage. In some circles, lipstick was associated with witchcraft. Occasionally, lipstick contained toxic substances.

Sarah Bernhardt allegedly caused a scandal by applying lip rouge in her public appearances. Surprisingly, George Washington is said to have worn lipstick. Queen Victoria thought wearing lipstick was rude, but one of her politicians had a different opinion. During World War II, Winston and Churchill believed lip color had a morale-boosting effect.

Of course, versatility is a hallmark of lipsticks. It changes depending on my mood and scenery. Whether lipstick defines your attitude or guides your inner spirit, wear it on July 29. No matter your style, lipstick adds a subtle accent or a bold statement. Let your lips do the talking. First, however, emphasize it with lipstick.

How to spend National Lipstick Day

Frow your eyebrows while showing off your favorite lip color. Take a picture. What are your best tips and tricks? What is your favorite color or brand? Use #NationalLipstickDay to share what you love about lipstick on social media.

History of National Lipstick Day – World Lipstick Day

Before that, National Lipstick Day celebrations were held annually without declaration. However, since 2016, international beauty blogger, entrepreneur, and entrepreneur Huda Kattan has been named the modern National Lipstick Day founder by his Registrar Proclamation of the National Day Calendar. Follow her Huda on Instagram for expert beauty tips and use #nationalipstickday.

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