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21 Jun 2024
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Advantages and disadvantages of Braun Series 8

Advantages and disadvantages of Braun Series 8 – Without a doubt, the eighth series was developed by Braun according to a precise vision and idea of ​​the company, to offer the customer a product that would a faithful daily companion and at the same time guarantee a shave like never before.

One of the main advantages is the larger battery, which increases performance by around 20% compared to the previous series.

The extraordinary work done to increase the power of the 8-series motor exponentially cannot overlooked. Thanks to a 32-bit MCU, it offers energy that always focused and directed to the final result.

The power that, among other things, ely no effect on the noise level of the various models, on the contrary. The Braun 8 series one of the quietest, even when the motor used at maximum.

As for the downsides, however, these are primarily found in the shaving heads incompatible with those of the previous series, an aspect that could cause the customer to turn up his nose.

Another slight disadvantage – but this something personal – could be found in a slightly higher weight compared to the other lines of the manufacturer.


The design of the 8 Series characterized by absolutely harmonious lines that contribute to making ergonomics one of the strengths of the individual products.

Aesthetically, we have highly smooth shapes that allow optimal use with the highest possible degree of maneuverability.

The lines, of course, echo the materials eight evened to make the series, which, although at first glance look great, are not an end but the most evident proof of the article’s reliability.

The rubber that covers the entire structure provides a perfect grip sensation even with wet hands.

The general body is highly compact but with a great solidity enhanced by the available colors.

The heads seamlessly integrated into the product’s structure and can removed just as easily when needed.

Advantages and disadvantages of Braun Series 8

It is also important to remember that the package includes a charging base, a travel case, a power supply, an advanced cleaning station with special cartridges, and the always helpful brush for quick and thorough product cleaning.

Serie 8 vs. Serie 7.

The main difference is the duration and capacity of the battery, which in the eight series is much greater, guaranteeing about 15/20 minutes more than in the old generation of electric shavers.

One differentiation that was due and specifically requested by users was the battery indicator.

Suppose in the seven series, located in the lower part of the product body, an unintuitive and uncomfortable position for quick reference, in the eighth series. In that case, we have some simple and comfortable notches that decrease with use.

Another criticism that the seven series received referred to a fastening system that is too delicate in many cases, with a rapid tendency to wear.

In the eight series, this system has further strengthened and guarantees excellent usability even after a medium to an extended period.

Finally, power is the characteristic in which the differences are most pronounced. The eight series, as mentioned, can have a 32-bit MCU, compared to the 8 of the seven series, and therefore with decidedly more performance, quiet and fast compared to the previous line.

Customer Reviews.

After its discreet market launch, it has to said that the Braun 8 series quickly gained more and more admirers, even among those who were completely new to electric shavers.

The general and almost total opinion tends to praise the significant innovations concerning previous generations of shavers and underlines how it is a line that offers products of excellent reliability and resistance.

The enthusiastic opinions and reviews reflected above all by customers who make the electric shaver a faithful daily companion. In everyday life, the Braun 8 series constantly put to the test offering respectable performance.

The average number of satisfied customers is decidedly high, over 90%, for a series splendidly created by Braun and capable of satisfying all demands.


The Braun Series 8 electric shaver can conveniently purchased online; for example, on the amazon market, it can found for €196.57.

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