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21 Jun 2024

The Best Airbnbs in Amsterdam

The Best Airbnbs in Amsterdam – Looking for a magical stay in this iconic city? Check out our roundup of the best Airbnb in Amsterdam

Here at Time Out, we firmly believe that ‘Fun Weekend at a Stylish Amsterdam AirBnB’ is one of the most general bucket list items in all things tourism. Why not? Amsterdam has long been one of the most popular cities for travelers, tourists, nomads, and backpackers. It is a relatively quirky and welcoming European city whose culture is about its evil. Famous. The two are often confused, but this certainly helps. The largest city in the Netherlands is one of the largest in terms of tourism. There is no mistake.

From romantic lofts to luxurious apartments that float on the city’s famous canals, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the city has an impressive array of Airbnb options—looking for the best Airbnb rentals in Amsterdam? Look no further.

1. Houseboat in City Centre – Airbnbs in Amsterdam

Unsurprisingly, Amsterdam has plenty of houseboats available for rent on Airbnb for a canal-filled port city. It has modern décor and a terrace perfect for the sunny season. Plus, admission to a nearby gym is included. Of course, why you want to hit the gym while on vacation is entirely different, but each one.

2. Another Houseboat, This Time a Free Bike – Airbnbs in Amsterdam

As you can imagine, Amsterdam’s list of trendy/chic/minimal/cool houseboats is long. So how can Airbnb’er make their creations stand out? With free bikes, of course! A city best explored on two wheels, you couldn’t find a more perfect (and affordable) stay than this houseboat near Frans Otten Stadium. This modern double-decker boat sleeps 4 of his and includes two bathrooms, a roof terrace, towels, tea/coffee, and Wi-Fi. There are four bikes available and child seats if needed.

The Best Airbnbs in Amsterdam (1)

3. Where is the Free Parking Lot on the Promenade?

That headline underestimates him a bit. There’s so much more to this waterfront cabin than free parking fun (free parking shouldn’t be mocked). Located in trendy Amsterdam North, this stunning venue bridges the gap between excitement and peace, offering serenity and tranquility in spades while offering a perfect base from which to explore this part of the city. Plus, who doesn’t like real fire?

4. Artist-friendly Canal Loft

If you close your eyes enough, you might be able to imagine life as a cultural giant in the city while staying here. Elena is a wonderful host, but the delights of this Helen Gracht loft go far beyond friendly hospitality. Large windows and high maxima give this place a sense of grandeur, bringing tears to the eyes and ideas to the heart. The location is perfect, and the loft itself is excellent.

5. Get your Luxury at De Pijp

For just €20 a day, you get authenticity and luxury at this Air BnB. Private apartment in the center of De Pijp with bright morning sun, comfortable beds, and a nice balcony. So in summer, you can dine al fresco with a view of the beautiful garden. There is also a good size lounge on his sofa in front of the flat-screen TV. So you will have a comfortable stay in this apartment and feel at home.

6. Canal Penthouse

Houseboat Shumouse Boat! From stunning views to gorgeous interiors, this canal-side penthouse offers much. A unique space that sleeps four, this 1890 home of his has original exposed beams and plenty of usual light to make you feel like you’re outside. Also, many Dutch intellectuals lived there, so they got used to it quickly. Oh, compliments.

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