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15 Jul 2024

Create Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces!

Create Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces! – “Hope springs forever,” wrote Alexander Pope. and “The soul rests and expands in the lives to come.” (Now we had to look it up.) Expats: speak or write extensively. On the chest, we are expanding the design of beautiful outdoor spaces. So get outdoors and create a place to enjoy yourself this year and in the future!

In general, Cher may be known for residential bricks, but they also offer quality products for exteriors, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, and simple accent projects. From beautiful Watsontown and General Shale paving stones to versatile exterior stones and gorgeous Adair® Limestone by Arriscraft, we have an inspiring collection.

Outdoor Living Space is a Wise Investment!

A well-designed outdoor space not only enhances the enjoyment of your home but also offers excellent resale benefits. Some experts suggest around 100%* return on investment for patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens, and about 80% return on investment for fire pits. To put it bluntly, humans are drawn to expenditure time in nature. Giving to a 2014 survey, 98% of buyers have a deck or patio on their wish list**. And that’s pre-pandemic. Our point is that your investment in outdoor space will pay off when you sell it.

Watsontown Brick Company Pavers

If you’re tempted by authentic old-world charm, check out Watsontown Brick Company’s beautiful and unique flagstones. Select from a wide variety of logos and blends to lay out the perfect patio or walkway that packs a lot of character. Take a look at our selection here:

General Shale Brick and Concrete Pavers

Our extensive selection gives you the freedom to create your style. For example, add traditional charm to your pathway or patio with our natural brick paver. Or choose from our beautiful concrete paving stones to design a seamless outdoor living space incorporating stairs, walls, kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pit sets, all with coordinating stone. Check your options online.

Arriscraft Adair® Limestone – Create Amazing Outdoor Living Spaces

Our sister company, Arriscraft, pits and finishes a fantastic range of natural limestone products. The Adair® product line is available through General Shale dealers, and you can find great inspiration and product details online. Adair Limestone has a high SRI or Solar Reflection Index, so it stays cool in the summer heat. Adair Limestone is the ideal choice for premium pool decks, hard surface stairs, and patios. Nature is so bright!

Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

The center of outdoor life is home! If you plan a new building, consider designing an outdoor fireplace using the same or complementary bricks. It is a beautiful example of an all-brick outdoor fireplace. See how builder @deancustomhomes chose the brick color to accent the home’s exterior. Good looking!

To enhance your outdoor space, check out the General Shale Fireplace Set. You can design a large fireplace (below) with a log shed and seating area as a great focal point.

Why not create a new campfire feature for a fun family weekend project? You can ride it this spring and enjoy it all year round. We also have mailboxes, plot columns, and bench kits that can enhance your curb appeal easily.

Whatever your plans, whether it’s a significant new construction or a fun weekend, we hope it inspires you to get creative with General Shale. I love it! Have fun planning your outdoor living project. Please contact your distributor, distributor, or representative for more information. We’ve launched the General Shale Online Store when you’re ready to shop.

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