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21 Jun 2024

How do I Choose My Eyeshadow?

How do I Choose My Eyeshadow? – For eyeshadow novices, choosing the right one can quickly become a real headache—our guide to getting the right one.

For evening makeup or in everyday life, using eye shadow can be very effective in enhancing your look. Brown, blue, purple, iridescent. They come in all colors to suit your eye color and different occasions.

Enough to sport a doe look in a few brush strokes. Except that faced with so many choices in terms of colors and textures, it isn’t easy to know which one will suit us best.

What Texture for My Eyeshadow?

Don’t want to do fifty makeup touch-ups in the evening? Opt for a cream eye shadow that is easy to apply and does not risk “slipping” all around the eye for a guaranteed long hold. On the other hand, be careful that it does not migrate into the eyelid folds. You can also apply an eyeshadow primer or fixative for better hold.

A matte eyeshadow will provide more pronounced pigmentation, while an iridescent eyeshadow will be lighter and bring more luminosity. See what suits you best! I prefer a color adapted to the iris of your eyes, considering the shape of these.

How do I Apply My Eyeshadow?

Eye makeup with eye shadow must play with contrasts and nuances to mark and bring out your look. Unfortunately, it is challenging to master this subtlety and to know how to handle your brush when you rarely apply eye shadow.

Because a “beauty faux pas” can happen quickly, beginners should get help from a tutorial first. So, buy an eyeshadow palette that matches your eye color and get started! Through perseverance, you will obtain makeup worthy of the parades!

A Small Note on Skin Undertones

Whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin, you have a specific yellow, gray, or pink undertone or undertone. For example, if your skin looks blue or pink, your undertone is “cool.” On the extra hand, if you have yellow, peach, or golden skin, your skin tone is “warm.” A person without a cool or warm undertone is said to have a neutral undertone.

When choosing eyeshadow for your skin tone, you can select a palette that accentuates your undertones. Warm skin tones can choose warm colors of gold, orange, and red to emphasize the warmth of the skin. You can match blue, green, and purple on cool skin tones with blue, purple, and pink undertones on your skin. Neutrals have the unique privilege of experimenting with Warm He Tones and Cool He Tones.

When choosing a nude palette, your skin tone will dictate which one works best for you.

How to Pick Eyeshadow Colors for Your Skin Color

Now, this is not a cardinal list. Like everything related to creativity and aesthetics, makeup does not establish rules. Don’t let anyone stop you if you want to wear a specific tone. Please give me. Every skin type has a particular set of colors that make it come alive.

Eyeshadow Colors For Light Skin

Warm and light skin tones can try a light bronzer. Excellent skin types can use a copper wash to create a rosy undertone.

Eyeshadow Colors For Medium/Brunette Skin

Medium or brunette skin tends to have warm tones and should give off shades of rusty gold, tan, and warm reds.

Eyeshadow Colors For Olive Skin

People with olive skin tend to have an admixture of golden undertones, but they have gray undertones that “cool” the heat. Still, it’s not exactly a neutral skin tone. Can experiment with cool palettes, especially teal jewel tones. The teal color helps accentuate gray undertones without looking washed out.

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