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21 Jun 2024

Why is Converse so Fashionable?

Why is Converse so Fashionable? – The converse is not in fashion. No, I haven’t gone crazy, but fashion is really something that is considered temporary, and the Converse arrived decades ago to become one of the timeless sneakers par excellence.

But timelessness is not the only characteristic that makes them unique; it should also be noted that it is a shoe that fits perfectly with all kinds of styles and personalities. We can see how they combine perfectly with suits, skirts, dresses, jeans, and endless other garments, lightening any look and providing great comfort to those who wear them.

  • What does Converse have to have become almost a myth of casual fashion? What models do we see the most in magazines and social media posts today? And most importantly, how can we create stunning looks with these shoes?

If you want to know all the answers, you can’t miss what I will tell you next; keep reading.

A Bit of History of These Classic Sports – Converse so Fashionable

The origin of the Converse dates back, nothing more and nothing less than to the year 1908, when the Converse Rubber Show Company was founded in Massachusetts, launching its technical footwear on the market.

Converse so Fashionable – But it was not until 1917, once they began to market their sports model, that these sneakers began to gain fame, all thanks to the basketball player and coach, Charles Chuck H. Taylor. They would give his name to the most classic Converse model, which became, at that time, the ideal sneakers to play basketball.

And once the model establishes, made in brown canvas or leather in those years, the moment of its great boom arrived after the basketball team wore these Converse as part of their kit during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. So naturally, the white design with blue and red lines became popular.

Between the decades of the 40s and 60s, the critical period of the brand was live. A moment in which it is estimate that 80% of the total sales of its history were carri out.

And sneakers continued to evolve, adding a touch of color in the 70s and daring with prints in the 80s.

Currently, in addition to countless colors and fabrics. We have seen how the models have been changing mainly in cut and sole, and we have been able to enjoy limited editions created by other significant firms such as Off White Chiara Ferragni or Maison Margiela, among others.

What Are The Most Popular Converse Models Today?

High-top Converse, low-top Converse, with platform soles, chunky soles, or trekking boot-type soles. The options are endless, something perfect for everyone to choose the model that best suits each look. But what models are the most popular today?

  • Chuck 70: a reinterpretation of the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star model from the 70s.
  • Chuck Taylor All-Star Move: Once again. A design based on the Chuck Taylor All-Star, but with an even more comfortable platform.
  • Chuck Taylor All-Star CX: The classic Converse with canvas and elastic tongue.
  • Run Star Hike– A mix of the Chuck and Runner models with a serrated platform sole.
  • Pro Leather– A new reinterpretation of a 1976 model, but with a more significant number of styling options.
  • Converse Renew: a model based on the search for sustainable production, so crucial at the moment.

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