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15 Jul 2024

Zara puts on Sale the limited-edition Dress that Marta Ortega wore First

Zara puts on Sale the limited-edition Dress that Marta Ortega wore First – Being the president of a fashion firm and the daughter of the owner of one of the largest textile empires in the world and, therefore, one of the wealthiest heiresses on the planet has its advantages. One of them is being able to show off even before clothes are put on Sale that we will all wear later, or at least we will want to wear.

And this is precisely what has just happened with the launch of Zara’s second Atelier collection in which, among other original garments -and which we will show you below- there is a dress with metallic applications that Marta Ortega premiered last month June to attend, nothing more and nothing less, than the parade organized by Dior in Seville to present its Cruise Collection 2023.

A kaftan-type dress with a High – Zara puts on Sale the limited-edition

A kaftan-type dress with a high. Draped neckline combined with the original metallic inlays inspired by the old chain mail worn by soldiers as armor to protect their torso which is undoubtedly one of the most striking pieces of the already eccentric collection that, as happened to Ortega herself, will become the center of all eyes.

We must not forget that part of this attention around the looks that the daughter of Amancio Ortega chooses is given not only by the interest that the current president of Inditex generates wherever she goes but also by her consideration as one of the most elegant and stylish of the moment. And it is that, in recent years,

The Galician has polished her style. Turning towards more daring looks than she used to wear in the past. Establishing herself as a true icon of style within the national and international scene. Where the young woman generates the same power of expectation. Original and different garments. Many of them corresponding to Zara’s SRPLS collections. Which, together with this one from Atelier. Have been part of the creation process as Creative Director -since she has been working within Zara’s Woman line until her ascension to president of Inditex last April- which she mixes correctly with other pieces from luxury brands such as Balenciaga or Céline. Two of his favorite fashion firms, with explicit permission from his own.

Zara Atelier collection

They are compose of only six dresses. This second part of the Zara Atelier collection results from the firm’s “passion for craftsmanship and artistic expression.” It follows in the footsteps of the first exclusive line launched in December last year. Which was focus on coats and that. As has happened with the dress. Marta Ortega wore before anyone else one of the pieces that made up the collection -specifically. The Rosegarden coat- and which is still on Sale.

Combined dress by Zara Atelier: – Kaftan-style dress with a high draped neckline and metallic appliques.

Beaded dress by Zara Atelier: – Patchwork midi dress with a round neckline and sleeveless sleeves.

Zara Atelier embroidered dress: – Oversize dress made of cotton-blend fabric.

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