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23 May 2024

The New Era Of Customer Experience

The New Era Of Customer Experience – Digital marketing in 2022 directs its strategy trend from Customer-Centric to Human-Centric, where customer behavior and how to communicate are the focuses on which companies must focus to understand their needs and impact their customers. In this way, companies can offer personalized communication, optimize the actions carried out by the marketing departments and obtain clear information on the return on investment of each of these actions.

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform, now part of SAP Customer Experience solutions, enables insight into customer behavior. Based on rich data integrated from various sources, it automates digital actions, personalizes communications, and interprets user events to be proactive and be able to contact them according to their preferences and needs.

So, its power in Machine Learning offers us the possibility of generating new marketing strategies by analyzing integrated data and known contacts’ interactions. In addition, it identifies optimization opportunities for existing campaigns in a single click, which allows us to speed up actions and focus on more effective and creative communication with our clients.

In this object we will focus on the following two functions that Emarsys offers: the Strategic Dashboard and the Tactics that complement each other, helping to automate the company’s marketing strategies and produce measurable business results.

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The Strategic Dashboard graphically displays the business impact of the company’s marketing efforts. The information and opportunities to increase marketing performance based on the established objectives are revealed in it.

The dashboards show the user, for example, the income of a selected current period and compares them with the objectives set in the same period of the previous year. You can also choose a goal and filter it by status, metric, recurrence, etc., and see if the selection shows an increase or decrease, so you know how to prioritize actions.

These objectives are broken down into strategies that the user can use to:

  • Increase revenue, driving the first purchase or recurring purchases.
  • Increase average order value or premium customer revenue stream.
  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing.
  • In participation in the website.

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Tactics are pre-built packages with channel automation templates that will accomplish the intended goal. The user selects them in a few clicks, and Emarsys creates the automation flow and completes the audiences so that the user can focus on the design, personalization, and copying of the creatives to achieve the desired Human-Centric in their communications.

Once the user decides which strategy he wants to improve, he can select and carry out immediate actions from the Tactics function that brings together use cases such as:

  • Abandoned cart.
  • Welcome to new contacts.
  • Abandoned navigation.
  • Lead re-engagement.
  • Price drop alerts.
  • Recovery of defecting clients.

Once the tactic has been execute and the necessary time has elapsed, the user completes the cycle, entering the Strategic Dashboard function again, where they can see the results of the actions carried out, such as how many potential clients have become buyers for the first time. Purchases, revenue generated, which campaigns have been sent, and their corresponding metrics to determine their impact.

Do you want to discover more about this tool? Then, could you get in contact with us? At Techedge we offer the deployment of Marketing Automation Projects with Emarsys , adapting its functionalities to the strategy and needs of your company, either end-to-end, or depending on when you are addressing your marketing objectives.

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